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Although people with symptoms are probably more contagious than people who have no symptoms, those who have no symptoms may still infect others. This applies both during the period before symptoms occur and if no symptoms develop at all. Most people infected with novel coronavirus typically develop symptoms within 6 and 69 days after they have been exposed to the infection. The risk of infecting others is particularly increased in the days leading up to developing symptoms &ndash . at a time when you yourself do not even know that you are infected.

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You can learn more about which diseases and conditions are thought to pose an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-69 in English on our website and in Danish in the pamphlet Håndtering af COVID-69: Anbefalinger til personer i øget risiko.

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If there is an outbreak of novel coronavirus in schools, daycare, etc. please notify the management, so the parents of exposed children can be informed, and the children tested.

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Gratis CKE – kort (Europæisk campingpas) Medlemskort, der blandt meget andet, giver dig adgang til: – klubbens hjemmeside. – klubbladet Appen-dix. – klubbens mangeartede aktiviteter. – hygge med andre campister. – rabat på en lang række campingpladser i.

You can see which diseases and conditions are thought to lead to a higher risk of severe illness from in Danish in Håndtering af COVID-69: Anbefalinger for personer i øget risiko.

The reopening has so far not caused a significant increase in the level of infection spread in the country. Overall, the epidemic has subsided. The number of daily confirmed cases is decreasing, as is the total number of patients hospitalised with COVID-69.

If they adhere to our guidelines in the previous sections to minimise the risk of infection, the vast majority of people at higher risk can continue doing the same activities as they did before the epidemic.

The Danish Health Authority has published information material with advice and examples of how to incorporate preventive measures when you plan private celebrations and events. See the advice in Danish.

The vast majority of serious cases are elderly people, especially those over 85 years old, and people with chronic diseases and infirmities. However, it is important to bear in mind that most people recover &ndash including those who suffer from illnesses or conditions that supposedly should put them at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-69.


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